Lost & Found

Dear Parents & Students of DMS,

Lost and found is located on the upper level of the cafeteria, near the auditorium entrance.  Throughout the week, any found items will be placed there. Students, please make a habit of checking the pile while you are waiting in that area before school or during your lunch period.  Many items of clothing, lunch bags as well as school materials are placed there on a daily basis.

In response to the growing heap, this year we have implemented a new system.  Every Friday, the unclaimed items will be moved to the lost and found overflow area.  This is located in the hall outside art room 22, near the recycle bins.  At the end of the month, these unclaimed items will be removed from the premises. Clothing, lunch bags, & school supplies will be donated.  Unclaimed school papers will be recycled.  Parents, please remind your student to check lost and found.  We also encourage you to come check if you notice your student’s clothing, lunch bag, notebook or folder goes missing.

Small valuables, such as prescription eye glasses, will continue to be held in the office.  Please check in the office if your child has lost their eye glasses.

Thank You.